Service Request

 For emergency repairs outside of normal business hours that pose an immediate danger to the safety of our citizens, please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at (936) 760-5800 to report your problem. 

     Montgomery County Precinct 4 is responsible for over 850 linear miles of roadway, 1542 linear miles of roadside ditches, and 36 bridges spread across 316 square miles of area. Roadway responsibilities do NOT include any State Highways or areas within incorporated city boundaries. State Highways and Farm to Market Roads are maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. Their phone number is (936) 538-3350 and should be called for service requests on State Highways and Farm to Market Roads.  Please contact your local city hall for the incorporated area your request lies within.

Service requests include:
1. Precinct 4 maintained roadway issues / service requests including:
     a. Roadway deterioration;
     b. Potholes / Patching requests;
     c. Dead Trees Across Roadway or in County right of way.

2. Precinct 4 maintained right of way issues / service requests including:
     a. Sign problems (missing or defaced street, stop, or roadway signs);
     b. Drainage issues;
     c. Ditch or Culvert cleaning;
     d. New Culvert Setting (FEES APPLY, see notes below);
     e. Mowing requests along Precinct 4 right of ways.  

     Once our office receives your request for service, a work order will be completed then forwarded to a supervisor who will inspect the area to determine what action can be taken for repairs. This procedure will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible by our precinct offices. 

     Our mowers move from street to street throughout Precinct 4. If your street gets missed or there is any other problem with a mower, you can send in a request and the supervisor will contact you to discuss your concern or request.

Culvert Setting Requests

 Please mark ditch area from end to end where culvert is to be set : 20 foot minimum / 40 foot maximum. After request is received by our offices, a supervisor will inspect marked area to determine diameter of culvert needed for requested entrance onto property and for drainage plans. Shortly after inspection, the supervisor will call to notify property owner the diameter of culvert required for installation. Culvert purchase (corrugated plastic or concrete) is the responsibility of the property owner, as the County is unable to provide. Supervisor will also notify property owner of the quantity and cost of stabilized fill needed to cover each pipe in the ditch only. Any additional quantities of stabilized fill cannot be purchased through our office. Before any further work commences, payment for stabilized fill should be hand delivered by cash – exact change only, check or money order (Sorry, no credit cards accepted) to our precinct office at:

23628 Roberts Road   New Caney, Texas  77357
Click HERE for map

     After payment is received, culverts are set after a minimum of four business days (after line locates have been completed AND weather permitting).


     The following responsibilities listed on Precinct 4 maintained roads can be requested via phone call to our main office at (936) 521-8919 or (281) 577-8919 or can be e-mailed to :
E-mailed requests must include :
1. Your full name;
2. Your physical address or area of concern (listed by street name);
3. Cross street (intersection) closest to your physical address or area of concern;
4. Brief description regarding the nature of the problem / request for service;
5. Valid daytime phone number where you can be reached.

Please include “SERVICE REQUEST” in the subject line of your e-mail.